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Set of Rio Hondo Ceramics

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Lots of very cute animals including a cat, dogs, horses, and more!

Rio Hondo Ceramics (1939-1950's) El Monte, California

Rio Hondo was one of over eight hundred ceramic companies producing a range of products from decorative tile, table ware, cookie jars, figurines, etc. In California during the mid-1800's to 1900's. California's ceramic history began with Spanish settlers who brought colored tiles and tableware. After California's statehood in 1848 and with a growing Gold Rush population, the demand for ceramic table was increased. An ideal ceramic producing location was southern California, with its different clay combinations and many local artisans. At one period, the Los Angeles area had over three hundred ceramic companies, many of which were family owned small operations. World War II saw the greatest growth for the ceramic industry as imports were cut off from European and Asian countries, contributing to the growth to the ceramic companies in California. After World War II and by the end of the 1950's , the majority of California's ceramic companies had closed due to European and Asian cheaper imports and the popularity of plastic. Rio Hondo was one of those casualties. Of the over 800 ceramic companies in California, only a little more than a dozen exists. Today, California ceramics are becoming more collectible. 

Otagiri Porcelain (1950's- 1994)

Otagiri is a name often used to describe a variety of stone ware that was wildly sold in souvenir outlets and department stores in the West Coast from the 1950's for about 47 years. The Otagiri Mercentile Company (OMC) imported the hand crafted and hand painted ceramics made in Japan for distribution to high end department stores as well as gift shops mainly in San Francisco. OMC also functioned as a third party, manufacturing company making products for other organizations like the San Francisco Music Box Company and Gibson Greetings. After operating for more than two decades, OMC finally registered as a trademark in 1980 in the US. Otagiri Mercentile Company was later on sold to another company that specializes in the manufacture of collectibles in 1994 and not later afterward, manufacture of ceramic was discontinued.



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